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Form and preparation of manuscripts


The main objective of “Angiologia e Cirurgia Vascular” (Angiology and Cardiovascular Surgery) journal is to publish scientific articles on Angiology and Cardiovascular Surgery, short news, and new diagnosis and therapy techniques. Contributions may take the form of editorials, original articles, review articles, clinical cases, therapeutic notes, information on techniques and on new technologies, short original essays, and letters to the Editor.

Editorials, tribute articles, review articles and updates are published at the request of the journal’s Editorial Board, who establishes the number of sections in each issue of the journal “Angiologia e Cirurgia Vascular”. Articles shall be submitted in accordance with the norms described below.


All texts must be sent to the Executive Editor according to the following terms: they shall be accompanied by a cover letter requesting publication and indicating the articles’ classification in the distinct sections of “Angiologia e Cirurgia Vascular” Journal. They must also be accompanied by an originality and transfer of copyright statement signed by all authors, and in accordance with the minute published in the journal; all texts, including illustrations, must be sent in triplicate; manuscripts must indicate the address, telephone, and email of the authors, for contact purposes; texts shall be sent in electronic format to the Executive Editor ( or to the Portuguese Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery (

Texts must be presented in the sequence listed below:

1 titles in Portuguese and/or English and name of authors;
2 keywords, abstract in Portuguese and English;
3 text;
4 acknowledgements;
5 bibliographical references;
6 legends;
7 figures;
8 tables.

Pages should be numbered according to the sequence described above. Should there be a second version of the text, it must also be submitted in triplicate. Articles may be: accepted without suggested revisions; accepted with suggested revisions or changes proposed by experts, the Executive Editor or the Editorial Committee to the authors and accepted by the latter; published as a resume/short text with prior agreement of the authors; rejected. Authors will always be informed of the reasons for refusal of publication and the experts’ opinions.

Guidelines for the Preparation of manuscripts:

Short title, without abbreviations. First name and surname. Institution to which the author is affiliated, and where the works originates. Address, telephone and email of the author, for contact purposes. Dates and titles of all the conferences where the work has been presented, as well as all awards received. Indication of all the funding received or research contracts. Summary and keywords (in Portuguese and English). Articles must include an abstract of about two hundred and fifty words. The terminology must be the one used in the Index Medicus “Medical Subject Headings" (MeS.H.)

Original Articles:

Original articles must offer and original contribution to the topic in question. They must not exceed eight typed pages or use more than thirty references. Articles must comply with the following format: introduction, material and methodology used results, discussion, conclusions, and bibliographical references.

Review Articles:

Review articles should communicate current knowledge and offer an updated critical analysis on the topic in question. They should not exceed twelve typed pages and sixty references. They may be divided into sections, if appropriate. Manuscripts should include an abstract (Portuguese and English) and keywords (Portuguese and English).

Clinical Cases:

Publication of clinical cases of interest, uncommon, or that have required new or innovative therapeutic techniques. Cases whose treatment has involved angiology, surgery, or endovascular or radiological intervention shall be deemed to be of special interest for publication purposes in this journal.
Manuscripts should include a short abstract (Portuguese and English) about 100-125 words long, as well as keywords (Portuguese and English). Articles shall be divided as follows: introduction, clinical case, discussion, conclusion, and bibliographical references.

Vascular Images:

This type of articles shall adopt one of the following formats:

1. Brief clinical cases, without discussion, in which the clinical, diagnosis or therapy are original, didactic or of interest to authors.
2. “Single” images, always accompanied by a small text to put them in a clinical context.
3. Documented clinical cases with images where the goal is to foster debate among readers with regard to, for example, diagnosis hypotheses or therapeutic approaches. Accordingly, the submission of an appropriate text accompanying the illustration is suggested, alongside a set of questions to be answered, debated, or commented upon by readers. The author or authors’ email(s) will be included, as well as that of the editor, if required. In the following issue of the magazine, the author(s) will be invited to write a text about all the opinions received, in addition to his/her/their own views on the matter, or about the resolution of the case.

WORD PROCESSOR: Microsoft Word.

PUBLICATION AGREEMENT STATEMENT: I hereby declare that I authorize the publication of the attached manuscript, titled (please add title), of which I am the author or co-author. I further declare this is an original manuscript that has not been published elsewhere. I transfer the article’s copyright to the journal “Angiologia e Cirurgia Vascular”, its reproduction, in part or in full, being subject to the Editors’ prior authorization.


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