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Basic Information

  • Acta Portuguesa de Nutrição
  • Portuguese Association of Nutrition
  • Publish papers in the area of nutrition and food sciences and also professional articles
  • Nutritional sciences
  • The first issue was published in 2015, having been replaced Revista Nutrícias edited in 2001. It is distributed free to all APN members, health, nutrition or education institutions, food industries and public and private correlated institutions.
  • Quarterly
  • Acta Port Nutr


Information Services

  • Index das Revistas Médicas Portuguesas



·       Associação Portuguesa de Nutrição – Portuguese Association of Nutrition. Free distribution. It allowed the reproduction of articles published for non-commercial purposes, since given the source and informed the journal.



·         Varies according to the edition of the journal, including companies in the agro-food and pharmaceutical field.


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