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Scope and policy

1. Editorial Policy

The Cadernos do Arquivo Municipal is an open access journal, published on a half-yearly basis, with articles evaluated by external referees.

The Cadernos do Arquivo Municipal has as its director the person who is responsible for the management of the Lisbon Municipal Archives or whoever has the powers that are attributed to this position. He is responsible for guaranteeing the publication of the journal in accordance with the pre-established frequency. He is also responsible for the fulfilment of its editorial policy and the journal's access and continuity in international repositories. The director delegates the executive function to the Editors.

The Cadernos do Arquivo Municipal have a Scientific Board that plays an advisory role and is composed by Portuguese and foreign researchers of recognised merit and wide experience in scientific publications. It is the role of the Academic Advisory Board to validate editorial policy, the choice of the Academic Coordinator and the theme of each issue.

This journal relies on external referees, researchers with acknowledge credit, from different academic fields from Portuguese or foreign institutions, who guarantee a process of double-blind peer review.

The Scientific Coordinator(s) invited by the journal to coordinate the thematic dossier has the responsibility to establish the guidelines, to publicise the call for papers among his/her peers, to evaluate and select the academic articles proposed for the edition and to propose reviewers.

2. Submission of papers

The submission is the result of a call for papers.

The journal accepts original, unpublished and innovative papers in the Social and Human Sciences field, subjected to double-blind peer review, to be published in the Thematic Section or in the Articles section. Whenever possible, sources from the Lisbon Municipal Archive should be used.

Texts for Varia (if they include Lisbon Municipal Archive sources), not subject to scientific review, and book reviews are also accepted. Authors must indicate to which section the proposal is addressed.

Texts must be original and parts from other Works must be duly referenced. See Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement here:


The articles proposed for publication are submitted to an editorial process that takes place over various phases, with both the submission and the respective procedures being free of charge.

3. Selection, review and publication

The texts submitted are examined by the Editors and the Scientific Coordination, considering their originality, relevance and quality, as well as their compliance with formal and thematic requirements. Articles that do not meet these criteria will not be accepted for publication. Each article will then be sent to two external academic reviewers, who ensure the process of anonymous double-blind peer review. If necessary, a third reviewer will be asked for an opinion. According to the reviews received, authors may be asked to adopt the proposals presented. The text may ultimately be rejected.

The process of peer review has a time limit of three months and its outcome, unappealable in all cases, is communicated to the author(s) within a maximum period of six months.

The Editors reserve their right to apply the NP 405 to the bibliographic references, as well as to proceed to essential formal amendments, as long as the meaning of the text stays unchanged.

The deadline for publication of articles is 12 months. A pdf file of the article will be sent to each author.

Form and preparation of manuscripts

Guidelines for articles:

• Only texts using the preformatted template (download here: http://arquivomunicipal.cm-lisboa.pt/fotos/editor2/Cadernos/2serie/templates_2021.docx) sent to am.cadernos@cm-lisboa.pt will be accepted.

• Languages: Portuguese (in accordance with the new orthographic agreement), Spanish, French or English;

• Size: limited to 10000 words, considering footnotes and bibliographical references;

• Title, Abstract and keywords: in the language of the text, in English and Portuguese. Abstract with a maximum of 150 words and up to 5 keywords;

• Authors: full name without abbreviations, ORCID, institutional framework and email address;

• In-text citations of studies and printed sources:

- According to Neves (2020), or (Neves, 2020), when it refers to a work in general;

- According to Almeida (2020, p. 24-26), or (Almeida, 2020, p. 24-26), when citing a specific feature or reproducing a direct quotation;

- According to Coutinho (2020a, 2020b), or (Coutinho, 2020a, 2020b), when Coutinho has one, two or more works published in the same year that appear in the bibliography;

- According to Hoffmann and McPhee (2018), or (Hoffmann, McPhee, 2018), when it refers to a work having two or three authors;

- According to Plant et al. (2017), or (Plant et al., 2017), when it refers to a work having more than three authors.

• Citations of handwritten sources in footnote;

• Bibliographical references: list of cited references at the end of the article, divided between printed sources and studies, according to the Portuguese Standard 405 1-4:

- SILVA, António Delgado da – Collecção da Legislação Portuguesa desde a última Compilação das Ordenações. Lisboa: Typografia Maigrense, 1828-1844. 6 vol.

- LEFEBVRE, H. – The production of space. Maiden: Blackwell Publishing, 2007.

- ZOZAYA-MONTES, María – Ciudad burguesa acéfala: esculturas fuera del plano nacionalizador y bustos que encarnan asociados en los espacios de sociabilidad de Évora, 1800-1930. In RAMÍREZ SÁNCHEZ, Manuel; RODRÍGUEZ HERRERA, Gregorio, coord. – Centros y periferias, confluencia, empoderamiento e innovación en humanidades. Vigo: Ed. Academia del Hispanismo, 2018. p. 151-174.

- GIULIANO, Frédéric – La référence en archives au XXI siècle: l´impact du numérique sur le travail de référencier: état des lieux. Archives. Québec: Association des Archivistes. V. 43 Nº 1 (2011-2012), p. 3-18.

- LEAL, Joana Cunha – Arquitectura privada: política e factos urbanos em Lisboa: da cidade pombalina à cidade liberal. Lisboa: [s.n.], 2005. Tese de doutoramento, Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

• Information that identifies the article’s author(s), such as self-citations or references to previous works, must be made in an impersonal manner;

• Images: a maximum of 10 pictures, although this limit may be changed by the Editors. All images, tables and charts sequentially numbered, with a caption associated (example: A ground floor plan of Wandsworth County Court in 1858, held among the records of the Office of Works and its successors. UK National Archives, WORK 30/758) and its exact location in the text. Images from the Lisbon Municipal Archive may be used in accordance with their availability on the website. Those that do not belong to the Lisbon Municipal Archive must be delivered in separate files, either in JPEG or TIFF.

Guidelines for Book Reviews:

Book reviews of recent editions up to a limit of 2000 words are accepted and should follow these Instructions.

Access the Instructions to Authors here:




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