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Basic Information

Title: Revista de Ciências Agrárias

ISSN 0871-018X Printed Version

Editor: Sociedade de Ciências Agrárias de Portugal (SCAP)

Objectives: Scientific journal that publish research, experimental and bibliografic revisions papers

Interest areas: Agricultural and similar sciences

Journal history:
It has been edited since 1903 and, until 1973, as “Revista Agronómica”.
Since 1974 named “Revista de Ciências Agrárias”

Periodicity – quarterly

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The rights of edition belong to Sociedade de Ciências Agrárias de Portugal.
Reproduction of articles is allowed only with indication of source.


APDEA - Associação Portuguesa de Economia Agrária
APH - Associação Portuguesa de Horticultura
ADP Fertilizantes S.A.
FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia
Syngenta Crop Protection, Lda
SPCS – Sociedade Portuguesa da Ciência do Solo


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