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Basic Information

  • Complete title of the journal: Journal of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (Revista de Gestão Costeira Integrada)
  • Publisher: The journal is edited by an editorial pool led by the Portuguese Association of Water Resources (Portugal) in collaboration with UNIVALI (Universidade do Vale do Itajai, Brazil) and from 2013 also by CIMA (Center for Marine and Environmental Research, Portugal) and by LABOMAR (Institute of Marine Sciences, Brazil).
  • Objectives of the journal: The JICZM - Journal of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (RGCI – Revista de Gestao Costeira Integrada) is a peer-reviewed international journal that publishes articles dealing with all the subjects related to coastal management, namely focused on coastal oceanography (physical, geological, chemical, biological), engineering, economy, sedimentology, sociology, ecology, history, pollution, laws, biology, anthropology, chemistry, politics, etc.
    Published papers present results from both fundamental as well as applied, or directed research.
    Emphasis is given to results on interdisciplinary contributions, on management tools and techniques, on innovative methodological or technical developments, on items with wide general applicability, and on local or regional experiments that can be a source of inspirations to other regions.
    One of the target readers of JICZM/RGCI is the Portuguese-speaking community (Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guiné Bissau, Moçambique, Portugal, Sao Tomé and Príncipe and East Timor, which sum all together more than 210 million inhabitants). However, JICZM/RGCI contributors and readers are not geographically confined: all technicians and scientists working in coastal zones worldwide are potential contributors and readers.
    JICZM/RGCI accepts the submission of manuscripts written in Portuguese (with an extensive abstract in English) or in English (with an extensive abstract in Portuguese).
  • Areas of interest of the journal: The JICZM/RGCI is focused on coastal environments and management, what means that embraces a wide area that extends from an indefinite distance inland to an indefinite limit seaward. Paleoenvironments, ancient shorelines, historical occupation, diachronically analysis and legislation evolution are some subjects considered to fall within the purview of theJICZM/RGCI as well.
  • History of the journal: The journal began publication by UNIVALI (Universidade do Vale do Itajai, SC, Brazil) in 2002, on paper, with the ISSN 1677-4841 and was completely restructured in 2007, acquiring electronic format (e-journal), passing be published in Portugal, ISSN 1646-8872 and biannually. In 2009 the frequency was changed to quarterly.
  • Frequency: Quaterly
  • Abbreviated title: JICZM


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