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Scope and policy

    RILP is an interdisciplinary edition of the Association of Portuguese Language Universities (AULP), edited since 1989. The journal has a national and international scopus, fostering the exchange of knowledge between those in America, Europe and Africa concerned with its use and teaching. Bringing together the cultures that find in the portuguese language a means of expression. The journal has a semester circulation of 200 copies and is made available online under open access.

    Of all the activities and goals in the genesis of the AULP, the creation, registration and edition of a reflective scientific journal, debate and divulgation of research in interdisciplinary area stands out. As part of this goal, AULP has a position of neutrality on issues treated within its journal.

    The International Journal in Portuguese Language (RILP) is a registered trademark and an official scientific publication of the Associação das Universidades de Língua Portuguesa, created in 1989, to publish, circulate and publicize original and innovative studies and academic researchers from the Portuguese-speaking countries and Macao, bringing together the cultures that in the Portuguese language find expression.

    The act of publishing an article in an academic peer-reviewed journal involves many parties that are required to meet the expected ethical standards at all stages in their involvement. AULP is committed to meet and uphold those ethical behaviour standards at all stages of the publication process.

    According to the Article No. 17 of the Portuguese Press Law (Law No. 2/99, of January 13th), we are committed to ensure the respect of the deontological principles and the professional ethic of the research work, as well as ensuring the readers’ good faith. The International Journal in Portuguese Language (RILP) is registered at the Portuguese Regulatory Authority for the Media (ERC), nº 123241.

    We follow the industry organizations, such as the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), which established guidelines on good publication practice, to accomplish the Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement (PEMS) requirements. Therefore, editors, peer-reviewers, and authors, should be aware of the ethical principles.

    RILP encourages the sharing and distribution of the work published by the authors in the journal, raising the impact factors and number of registered citations, thus contributing to an open (https://www.ciencia-aberta.pt/) and accessible science (http://www.unesco.org/new/en/communication-and-information/portals-and-platforms/goap/open-science-movement/), from the outset, to the Portuguese-speaking international community.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

    1. The articles must be original and unpublished. The journal has an evaluation process through which the articles are analysed. Documents must be imported and should respect the 2009 spelling agreement.

    2. Articles should preferentially be up to 15,000 words, including notes, references, and tables. The article must be in a Word (or compatible) format, according to the template provided as example.

    3. Articles should be accompanied by a summary of about 150 words - one in Portuguese and the other one in English - of all six keywords and a Word (or compatible) file with with the identification data of the author (Orcid, institution, research unit, category, areas of specialization, and elements of electronic contact).

    4. Illustrations, pictures, figures and maps should be numbered and compiled in jpeg or png format. The author should mention the places where the items should be placed.

    5. All citations, even from unknown sources should respect the ongoing legislation on copywrite.

    6. RILP follows APA citation system for reference standards. The references should appear on the body of the text, respecting the norms of citation and avoiding the usage of footnotes.

    7. The submitted texts, will be in the first stage, analysed by the editorial board, which will decide if such is in conditions of following the process of scientific arbitration. The authorised articles will then be submitted to one or two elements of evaluation, through a peer review system (double blinded peer review). The final decision of publication the article in one of the numbers of the Journal is delegated to the Editorial Board, considering the opinions of the peers.

    8. Authors, individuals, or groups provide RILP with the exclusive right of publishing said articles, which may suffer some changes in the editorial process regarding the shape and style in order to fit RILP’s editorial style.

    9. Authors, individuals, or groups with one or more articles published in RILP, will receive two copies of the journal. If needed/ enquired, the PDF format of the journal should be made available as well.

    Questions should be addressed to rilp@aulp.org.


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