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Toxicodependências is a quadrimestral publication, property of the Instituto da Droga e da Toxicodependência, I.P.


The main goal is to approach the problem of drug addiction as a multifactorial phenomenon. The most recent advances in the scientific research on this field, its application to the clinical practice, the deepening of theory and practical therapy in the biological, genetic, psychological and social realms, and the making of prevention strategies, constitute, among others, the main subjects that will fulfill the project.


This magazine wants to be innovative and stimulate those who work in the drug addictions field to think, in a critical way, about their praxis, in an environment where freedom of opinion and scientific accuracy coexist.


The target is professionals on the field, people that work, in a direct or indirect way, with the problems related to drug addiction, teachers and educators, and everyone that, in some way, feel interpellated by this question.


The magazine follows the ethical principles of the Farmington Consensus - cf. Toxicodependências, 1997, 3(3): 87-89.

The opinions in articles published in Toxicodependências belong exclusively to its authors.

Total or partial publication/reproduction rights are reserved by Toxicodependências.



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