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Form and preparation of manuscripts



The journal PSICOLOGIA publishes original research in the general scope of psychology and behavioral sciences. PSICOLOGIA welcomes empirical research contributions and literature revisions within specific scientific areas of Psychology.


How to submit

Manuscripts should be solely submitted electronically to the PSICOLOGIA submission site.

The PSICOLOGIA electronic submission system may be accessed via the APP site - - or via the PSICOLOGIA site To submit a paper authors should first register as “authors” in the PSICOLOGIA site. This registration allows authors not only to submit new manuscripts but also to follow online the reviewing process of the submitted manuscripts in the author’s personal area.

Before submitting a manuscript please make sure it conforms to PSICOLOGIA norms (see below) and the APA publication norms (American Psychological Association, 2010, Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6ª ed., Washington, DC: APA).


Types of Publication

PSICOLOGIA welcomes the submission of two types of manuscripts. Articles, with a maximum number of 10.000 words; and brief articles, with a maximum number of 2500 words (excluding tables, figures, references, footnotes and appendixes, for both cases).

All manuscripts should present original fundamental or applied research based on qualitative and/or quantitative methodologies. Preference is given to manuscripts that make innovative contributions; that are deemed to be of general theoretical significance and of broad interest across specialties of psychology and related fields; and that are written to be intelligible to a wide range of readers.


Manuscript style and structure

Manuscripts style and structure should be prepared according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition. However, to make the review process more manageable for editors and reviewers, we ask that authors embed figures and tables within the main text rather than including them at the end of the manuscript.

Some guidelines to facilitate manuscripts’ preparation are presented below (for more details please consult the APA manual as aforementioned).

Manuscripts must be submitted in Word format.

Pages should be A4 (21 cm x 29.7 cm), with 3 cm margins.

Spacing between lines should be double-spaced.

Font should be Times New Roman; font size: 12 pt.

Paragraphs’ first line should be indented (1 cm) (including titles)

Manuscripts in Portuguese language should include an abstract in Portuguese and in English (150 words maximum length for both cases). Authors should also indicate at least 4 key words and the manuscript’s title in both languages. Manuscripts in English language are exempted from presenting the abstract and key words in Portuguese.

This information should be made available in the 3rd step of the online submission (inclusion of metadata), and in a Word document as an appendix in the 4th step of the online submission (transference of complementary documents).

Manuscripts should not be identified. However, the cover page should indicate the type of manuscript and the total number of words (excluding tables, figures, references, footnotes and appendixes). Names, affiliation and addresses for correspondence with the authors should be entered in the 3rd step of the online submission

Titles and subtitles should follow the following format guidelines:

Level 1: Centered, bold

Level 2: Aligned to the left, bold.

Level 3: Aligned to the left, bold, italics.

Level 4: Aligned to the left, italics.

Words in foreign languages should be presented in italic


Conditions to submit

As part of the submission process, the authors should verify the following items. Please note that submissions that do not conform to the following norms will not be considered for publication.

1.     The manuscript is an original contribution and is not submitted for revision or publication in other Journal.

2.     Submitted files are Microsoft Word documents.

3.     The manuscript’s text is formatted in agreement with the abovementioned “Manuscript style and structure” guidelines.

4.     Authors’ identity is not revealed in the manuscript

5.     Title, abstracts and key words in English and Portuguese, are sent in the 4th step of the online submission (supplementary transference of data)


Conflict of interests and copyright

Before publication of accepted articles the authors should sign an authorship certification and a full disclosure of possible conflict of interests. The authors should also transfer copyrights to the journal PSICOLOGIA.


Privacy Policy

Names and addresses provided to the Journal PSICOLOGIA are for the publications services exclusive use and are not made available to other purposes.


General Dispositions

Authors are responsible for published papers.

Published papers may be made available in online institutional repositories.

After acceptance for publication, submission will be kept active in the electronic submission system to allow for the final edition process to be made online.




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