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Scope and policy

  • R:I addresses the broad issues in current international politics from a pluralistic and multidisciplinary approach, encouraging theoretical debates in the realm of International Relations (IR). Its main areas of focus are international politics, history, strategic issues, security and defence matters, political economy, and international law.
  • The quality of articles submitted to the journal is assessed by a panel of referees, including researchers who are not members of the IPRI.
    Articles are evaluated by the Editorial Board and, if approved, are submitted anonymously for peer review to one or two referees. These submit anonymous written reports, which are always sent to the authors. Authors of accepted articles are sent proofs for revision only upon request.
    The target audience is students and researchers of international relations and other disciplines in the social sciences and humanities, diplomats, military officers, civil servants, and journalists as well as the general public.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

Articles should be sent by email, in Word, to:

Articles should be no longer than 6,000 words, including footnotes and references. Footnotes should be kept to a minimum and should not be too long. The bibliography should contain only the works referenced in the footnotes.

Book reviews should be around 1,500 words long, and include complete information about the publication being reviewed. They should have an original title and include at least two sub-titles in the text.

Articles can be submitted in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. The journal is published in Portuguese.

References should appear as endnotes and include, whenever possible, the DOI. references should follow 405 IPQ rules:

a) Book references: SURNAME, name of author(s) – Book Title. Publisher. Place of publication: editor, year. DOI: xxx
b) Chapter references: SURNAME, name of author(s) – “Title of the chapter”. In Book Title. Place of publication: Publisher, year, page numbers. DOI: xxx
c) Journal references: SURNAME, name of author(s) – “Title of the article”. In Journal Name. Place of publication. Volume., number., year and page numbers. DOI: xxx
d) Internet references: SURNAME, name(s) of author(s) – Book Title. [Accessed on: date of access]. Available at: website address. DOI: xxx

Original Articles
R:I accepts three kinds of articles: original and unpublished research articles that meet the usual critical standards; essays or informed commentaries on current affairs; book reviews or reviews of other material (films, documentaries, etc).
Overly extensive footnoting is discouraged. Authors are expected to translate quotations in a foreign language.
Authors should include in their articles abstracts of up to 100 words and five key words in Portuguese and/or English, as well as a brief author biography, including a postal address.
Original copies of the articles will only be returned to the authors upon request. Authors of original articles are entitled to receive two hard copies of the journal and 20 off-prints, and authors of book review are entitled to one journal hard copy. A PDF version can be sent to authors upon request.

R:I retains exclusive copyright over all the articles it publishes in any format. Authors receive no remuneration for published articles.


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