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Scope and policy

    Convergences – Journal of Research and Arts Education, has Open Access jornal and is a scientific research journal with E-ISSN and blind peer review, which publishes papers in the areas of design, music and visual arts.

    The Convergences Journal publishes free of charge, in open access, the original results evaluated by peers, which explain experiences and results from research and practice in the areas of design, music and the visual arts. Through Original papers, Case Reports or Review Papers, by by professionals researchers and scholarly contributors, it promotes knowledge related to the activities of design, music and other visual arts in all its domains of application, as well as its history, its teaching and learning.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

    As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

    1. Articles must be unpublished, cannot harm copyrights and must be submitted exclusively to Convergências Journal. It is not possible to submit articles simultaneously to Convergências and to another journal. We accept to consider for our evaluation/publication articles that have been previously rejected by other journals, just as authors are free to submit articles rejected by us to other publications.

    2. The authors are responsible for the careful checking of the texts and for the quality and translation of the texts from submission to the published version of the article.

    3. A revista aceita três tipos diferentes de artigos:
    – Original papers;
    – Case Reports;
    – Review Papers.

    4. The title and subtitle are provided in English and a second language – Portuguese or Spanish.

    5. The accepted languages are Portuguese, Spanish or English;

    6. The abstract and Keywords are provided in English and a second language – Portuguese or Spanish.

    7. A maximum of five keywords in the same language of the paper and its translation to the summary language;

    8. The paper must stands for this basic structure: Introduction (Subject; Problems; What question/problem was asked?); State of the Art (what is the relevance and benefits of the study and what has been done or studied on the subject?); Methods (Scientific methods used in the study to seek to answer the question?); Findings (What was found?) and Conclusions (Discussion; What do the findings mean?);

    9. Text in Word format, with images at 150 dpi attached to Word document and not within this (as independent files: JPG, PNG);

    10. Text in Calibri, font size 12 until a maximum of 12 pages DIN A4, including abstracts, papers, footnotes and references.

    11. Papers will be reformatted. Consequently, it’s not allowed to write titles exclusively in capital and should not be used styles or automations in the word document to define, titles, captions, text, notes, captions, etc. Create footnotes manually and at the end of the article;

    12. Comply with the latest version of the APA Standard http://www.apastyle.org/ for all components of the article;

    13. You must submit a version of the manuscript for blind review. Make sure that the submitted manuscript (word document and figures) does not contain data identifying the authorship: text, figures, captions, bibliography, notes or even in the name of the files. Authors' identification is only allowed in the case of approved articles and after evaluation process.

    14. The submission of the article must be accompanied separately by a photograph of each author, full name and short name, institutional website, e-mail, professional activity and curricular summary of half A4 page.

    It is also mandatory to present ORCID number and to include the name of the institution in three levels (Ex: University, Faculty and Department/Centre), as well as the complete institutional address: Street, post code, city, country. This information will be public.

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