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Scope and policy

Describes the publishing policy of the journal
Diacrítica is a university journal with three issues a year, published by the Centro de Estudos Humanísticos da Universidade do Minho (CEHUM) [Centre of Humanistic Studies of the University of Minho] and funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT). Diacrítica considers articles for publication by both members and non-members of CEHUM within the scope of the research lines of CEHUM: Literature Sciences, Language Sciences, and Philosophy and Culture. Each issue is divided into 3 separate numbers, which correspond to the research lines: Diacrítica Série Ciências da Literatura [Literature Sciences], Diacrítica Série Ciências da Linguagem [Literature Sciences] e Diacrítica Série Filosofia e Cultura [Philosophy and Culture].

Specifies the areas of interest of the publication and the type of articles and other matters that publishes
Revista Diacrítica is divided into three series: Literature Sciences, Language Sciences and Philosophy and Culture, as thematic focus, coordination and individual publication. As well as peer reviewed articles, Diacrítica also publishes interviews and reviews related to the research areas of each of the three series that are considered to be of a good standard and scientifically relevant by the editorial team.

Reports the procedures of valuation by pairs (peer review) of the journal
Articles submitted to Revista Diacrítica for publishing are sent for assessment by two referees (or three, when necessary) knowledgeable in the scientific area of the article submitted. Articles are sent anonymously to the blind referees, who can either be members or non-members of CEHUM, and of whom is requested a referee’s report that takes into account the following criteria:

  • compliance to the publication guidelines of Diacrítica
  • adequacy of the theme of the article to the theme of Diacrítica
  • pertinence
  • originality
  • theoretical frame of work
  • pertinence of critical methodology
  • clarity of exposition
  • argumentation and relation between initial hypothesis and conclusions
Referee’s reports must include a recommendation out of the following: publish with no changes; publish with minor changes; publish with significant changes; not fit for publishing. Referees are also asked to make suggestions, and justify their suggestions, for the improvement of the scientific quality of the article, which will be sent anonymously to the contributor.

Especifica o público da revista
Diacrítica is of interest, among others, to researchers and students interested in the areas in which the journal publishes


Form and preparation of manuscripts

All articles, interviews and reviews to be submitted must be sent to the Coordinator of the research line of the issue that the text is to be published in, before the deadline established for that issue, and according to the indications in the publication guidelines.

Contributors may find the email addresses and other contacts of the Coordinators of the research lines here:

Articles must be submitted in two electronic versions, in A4 format:

  • an anonymous version in a doc/docx file (Microsoft Word)
  • an identified version, in pdf (Adobe), with the author’s affiliation and his/her email address (as indicated in the publication guidelines)

Interviews and reviews must be sent in two electronic versions, both properly identified, one as a doc/docx file (Microsoft Word), and the other as a pdf (Adobe).

Articles submitted for publication must be original and unpublished both in complete or partial form, in print or electronically.

The texts and the images (when they exist) are the responsibility of the contributor.


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