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Basic Information

Da Investigação às Práticas: Estudos de Natureza Educacional is a publication of the Centro Interdisciplinar de Estudos Educacionais (CIED) of the Escola Superior de Educação do Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa, whose main objectives are to: (a) become a forum for researchers, teachers and educators; (b) disclose scientific work in education; and (c) bring research closer to practice.

Founded in 2000, INVEP was published in print until 2010. From 2011, the journal has an online format and on this date starts a new numbering corresponding to a new ISSN, fulfilling high quality standards, established internationally, having become a reference journal regarding the dissemination of knowledge in education.

• Frequency: Semestral

Abbreviated title: INVEP

• Having an international dimension, INVEP publishes articles in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.


Centro Interdisciplinar de Estudos Educacionais (CIED).


Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa - Escola Superior de Educação de Lisboa


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