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Basic Information

Complete title of the journal: Faces de Eva. Estudos sobre a Mulher

Publisher: Edições Húmus

Objectives of the journal: The Journal seeks to divulge academic scientific works in the field of Women, Feminist and Gender Studies, that may contribute to the transformation of relational practices. It also seeks also to contribute to a greater diversity and scientific depth in terms of the national and international dialogue concerning these áreas already mentioned.

Areas of interest of the journal: Women’s Studies; Feminist Studies; Gender Studies

History of the journal: Faces de Eva. Estudos sobre a Mulher published its first number in 1999, while integrated in a research project with the same name, hosted at Instituto Multidisciplinar de História das Ideias of the NOVA Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas. In 2001, after the creation of the research center Faces de Eva. Estudos sobre a Mulher, it became the Journal of this particular institution. Nowadays, the journal is hosted at the Centro Interdisciplinar de Ciências Sociais [Interdisciplinary Center for Social Sciences]. Until number 34, the journal was edited by Edições Colibri; after that, its publication is guaranteed by Edições Húmus.

Frequency: Biannual

Abbreviated title: Faces de Eva. Estudos sobre a Mulher


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The authors of manuscripts submitted for publication must transfer their rights (copyright), fully and permanently, to Faces de Eva. Estudos sobre a Mulher. The transfer of author’s rights allows for the publication and divulgation of the article both in print and digital format, and will be automatic after the date of acceptance of the manuscript. The authors also agree to transfer the rights for Faces de Eva. Estudos sobre a Mulher to use and explore said article, namely to license, give or sell its content to databases/indexing sources or other entities. According to the “Creative Commons” license, the authors may reproduce a reasonable number of copies for personal or professional use, without commercial intent. According to license CCBY-NC 4.0 the authors may still host/archive a final digital copy (postprint version) of the article in their personal website or in the scientific repository of their institution. It is the sole responsibility of the authors to obtain the permission to reproduce, in print and digital format, images or other materials that are copyrighted.



Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT); Interdisciplinary Center for Social Sciences of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the New University of Lisbon (CICS.NOVA); Friends of Faces de Eva.


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